Best Rain Ponchos For Men

A poncho is an outer garment designed to keep the body warm. A rain poncho is made from a watertight material designed to keep the body dry from the rain. As time has gone on, it seems ponchos are now made from different types of material and can cost anywhere from $.50 all the way up to $900. So, how do you decide, ‘The Best Rain Poncho For Men?’

There are several styles of rain ponchos for men. A lot of the choices depend on just how important these ponchos are going to be to the man who purchases it. How often is he going to wear it? Does he work outside, will he need it often? Exactly how much are you looking to spend versus how much wear do you plan to get out of it?

  1. Crew Mens Wallace & Barnes Hooded Military Poncho, which cost around $230, is definitely for someone who works outside or does a lot of recreational activities outside. This poncho, made of Nylon, is based on the military tent. Soldiers would wear the ponchos by day and hang them on poles by night to sleep under.

Then, a little less expensive is the RAINS poncho. This one was invented from the rainy streets of Copenhagen. The RAINS is designed a little more like a raincoat, made from polyester, has a button fastening at the collar, adjustable hood with a side button closure, and precision – welded seams. It’s more modern day city life. The price on this one is around $130.


The Storm Poncho by Sierra Designs has an adjustable hood, snapup sides, and DWR coating so the raindrops just slide right off, it will cost close to $40.

The toteps ISOTONER comes in seven different colors, has the hood and side snaps. The EFA fabric makes it a little more comfortable. It comes with a mesh carrying bag so you can carry it with you conveniently on those days when the weatherman isn’t so sure about the weather. It’s much cheaper, at around $8 and gets a four-star average customer rating.

The Custom Leather Craft Waterproof Rain Poncho, costing around $5, is made out of a waterproof PVC body material. It’s lightweight and durable, also comes with a hood. It folds up into a compact size to throw in your backpack or keep in your car for those surprise rain showers.

The Unisex Emergengy Rain Poncho comes in four colors and has an attached hood. It’s made out of polyurethane. You will pay less for this one than you would a cup of coffee.

There is even The Emergency Disposable Rain Ponchos. These are the ones that you want to buy by the case for the ball team when you are coaching. These cost between $.50 and $1, are individually wrapped, and come in seven colors. So, by the color that matches the team and be prepared to keep the players all dry.

Like most everything else in life, it depends on the individual and the specific need, to be able to answer which is the best rain poncho for men.

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